Kobus Nieuwoudt leverages his 10 years’ experience in the fields of furniture design and interiors. His love and passion for furniture was incubated through 6 years of work at one of South Africa’s most prestigious design firms. Fondly known as 'Jack' in some circles, his ability to make connections with spaces and people alike is evident in his business and work.

He keeps a firm pulse on what is internationally trending, and always strives to find new ways of innovating on and heightening the products and places that he delivers to his clients. A true appreciator of aesthetics and beauty, Kobus has a network of colleagues and friends who successfully collaborate on some of South Africa’s most forward-thinking projects.

“We at NIEUW Design have a deeply rooted love and passion for the interior and furniture design world. Our interest is looking to the international stage but more importantly is fixed locally. South Africa has an abundance of crafters and experts who produce work revered worldwide. We strive to showcase that with every piece we manufacture.”


NIEUW Design has two core focuses which often work parallel to projects as it spans the special and the detailed. Whether you have an individual item or multiple pieces to craft, a small or large scale project – NIEUW Design has the internal and external network to exceed your expectations within two broad services:


1. We offer a custom furniture design and manufacturing services that cater primarily to the interior design and architectural trade. Our knowledge of ergonomics, materials and manufacturing, allows for our clients to have an end-product that is of exceptional quality, design and comfort.


2. We also offer a full-suite interior design and décor service. This can be a stand-alone service or used in conjunction with a larger interior approach. From advice, consultation, rendering, quotations and purchasing, our services can realise the space on a granular level and bring a level of detail and nuance.


Kobus: 083 648 8467

Email: hello@nieuw.co.za

Cape Town, South Africa